Business Of The Company

The Armando Cunha, Cabo Verde has already on its curriculum several contracts in the construction of roads, housing developments, buildings, bridges and engineering projects, marine works, port and airport , water works, dams, parks and soccer fields, among others . We further underline that in Cabo Verde we have experience acquired in contracts on Design / Construction / Financing, being an example of that, we have the Contract for the International Airport of Sao Vicente, which recently changed its name to International Airport Cesária Évora, and the road connecting North of Baía and Calhau. With Experience in contracts on Design / Construction, in addition the above-mentioned, we add the Construction of Bridges in Santo Antão, the expansion of the airfield at São Filipe, the road connecting Salto and Chã das Caldeiras, the modernization of the Palmeira Port, the construction of the Vale de Cavaleiros Port in Fogo Island and Furna Port in the Island of Brava, the dam in Canto Cagarra at Santo Antão, the Social Houses Project in São Vicente, Fogo and Sal Islands.

The Armando Cunha, Cabo Verde, has the privilege of have executed some of the most important works of the last years in Cabo Verde, thus giving their important contribution to the development of the Country.

About the investments, in addition with the strong bet on modern and appropriate equipment to our work developed in Cabo Verde, and in the support structures in several Islands, we have been making other investments, particularly in the Real Estate sector.

We are holders of 50% of the Undertaking “Europa Park”, running on at Sal Island, composed by a 5 Star Hotel and a high standard Apartments; we already have a land with a Master Plan approved on the island of São Vicente for the execution of a tourism undertaking in an area of 10 Ha; as well as others assets that enable us to invest in the future and develop partnerships in the main sector of activity in Cape Verde, which is tourism.

As a matter of logistics, the company is dedicated to the industrial production of bituminous, ready-mixed concrete, prefabricated and inert, ensuring its autonomy in these areas, disposing of various equipment for this purpose.