The Armando Cunha, Cabo Verde, S.A., is a Company of Construction and Public Works, established in 2007, being initially a branch of Armando Cunha, SA – Portugal, existing since 1957. Already in 2014, the Company became fully autonomous, being transformed into Armando Cunha, Cabo Verde, S.A. The Company has proven expertise in the fields of Civil Construction and Public Works. With a registered capital of 90,000,000$00 and annual turnover of about 2,500,000,000$00, the Armando Cunha, Cabo Verde, S.A. is based in Mindelo, on the Island of São Vicente.

Since the advent of the Company we have been made a significant investment on technical staff and equipment, currently being prepared to respond to any request for any type of activity in the Civil Engineering sector. The Company has a technical team composed   by Cape Verdeans and Portuguese persons, being most of them local people. The Armando Cunha has invested heavily in the training of young people since the beginning of its activity, recruiting our staff in the universities of Mindelo and Praia.

The investment made on equipment, allows the realization of any contract in the Cape Verdean territory, without renting equipments from other companies since we have all the equipment needed for the execution of any contract.

The structures to support the production have received special attention, since we have offices, shipyards support, and centers of industrial production at several islands, allowing a complete autonomy of the Company, without having to rely on others.


Over these years we have privileged partnerships and consortia with Cape Verdean companies, relationship that allowed synergies for the both companies on one hand, and a more thorough knowledge of the market on the other.