Our Headquarter is in Mindelo and the Company owns, on this Island of the archipelago, its independent greatest support structure. However because of the insularity of the country, the company has structures practically on each Island where we work, possessing at the moment delegations in Santiago, Santo Antão, Sal, Boa Vista, Fogo, and Brava.

At this moment the Company employs in Cabo Verde about 400 workers with permanent contracts, having normally above 1,000 workers collaborating with the company directly and indirectly.

In all the Islands that we are in, we provide structures to support the production, to totally satisfy its needs and their Customers. The offices interconnected by a modern system computerized, allows a constant communication between the various delegations, providing the Company with a qualified and independent manager for each delegation, to ensure the communication with our Client. At all the Islands we have central yards, with warehouses and other support facilities as well as our own machine shop, with modern equipment, that allows us to repair and make the necessary maintenance of our machines and vehicles, minimizing the maximum time of stops.